No commissions

We understand that selling, especially when exporting, can have high costs. Growing international requires distributors, resellers, agents for your business to business sales. So we developed a B2B marketplace that will save on some of these costs and maintain fixed levels.


Subscription to our marketplace             

We do not charge commissions on your sales. Calculating your export price might be a complex process, and we do not want to add complexity. We have a very simple pricing model:

             Annual subscription fee of €250 for the parcel market sellers

             Annual subscription fee of €1500 for the industrial market sellers

And we offer free 6 months period before signing up for a membership plan.


 Fixed fee for the escrow payment

Transpact escrow services as it is one of the very few payment services for international trade that does not charge commissions. Its cost structure is simple for standard payments:

             €3.49 per party for Euro transactions up to €15,000

             €21.98 per party for Euro transaction between €15,000 and €29,999, etc.

You can obtain more information on the Transpact website for its prices and additional charges


No fee for the industrial logistics      

We integrated SimpliShip marketplace access in order to help all users of our marketplace find the best forwarder offer. It is probably the only logistics platform that does not charge fixed fee or percentage of the logistics contract.

We believe that this is beneficial both to our sellers, as well as in order to attract more forwarders on the website and to offer more competitive pricing on their services.  

Exporting and importing is a hard business, and we want the user of our B2B marketplace to focus on closing the best deals they can have, without recalculating their prices all the time.